There is now an affordable, ecologically sound alternative wastewater treatment system available to replace the conventional leach field currently required with septic systems: THE CLEAN SOLUTION.

Environmentally Friendlywastewater_management
• THE CLEAN SOLUTION system provides the same aerobic treatment as a conventional leach field. As a result, a smaller field is required to disperse the clean, odorless water into the ground.
• THE CLEAN SOLUTION system helps prevent ground water pollution and protects our natural streams, lakes and wetlands.

Low Maintenance
• In most applications, simple maintenance is required approximately every 2 to 3 years depending upon system use. Maintenance consists of pumping the septic and settling chambers, as well as pump chamber, if equipped.
• Only 1 moving part - a small, quiet compressor mounted above ground .
• There are no mechanical or electrical components within the BioCon treatment chamber.
• There is no control panel and no phone connection is necessary to monitor treatment.

Technical and Installation Support
• WAI provides one on one support throughout the design, installation and startup process.
• WAI staff has over 20 years experience in the design and permitting of all types of subsurface disposal systems.
• WAI has on staff Licensed Designers, Installers, Certified Septic System Evaluators and a Wetland Scientist.
• WAI can provide you value engineering services on projects for cost comparisons.
• WAI is trained in wastewater sampling and can provide sampling services.

Community Developments
• Grouping homes together to utilize a community Clean Solution system, in conjunction with the smaller dispersal field, can substantially reduce cost. A community system can also permit better land use and can result in maximizing the number of units allowed on a piece of land.

• WAI offers a full range of commercial models that are designed to meet your project's needs. Please call WAI to see how the Clean Solution system can reduce your project's cost.

• THE CLEAN SOLUTION is ideal for treatment of high strength wastewater associated with restaurant use.