Does the system need a real leach field?
The dispersal field is constructed the same as a conventional field, the only difference is the size. Since The CLEAN SOLUTION BioCon and settling chambers perform the same biological functions as a leach field there is no need to have a large leach field to provide aerobic treatment. Dispersal field size varies by state.

Can I use other proprietary devices in place of a pipe and stone field?
Yes. Any approved replacement system is acceptable, however, there are some that would not prove cost effective, but are still compatible with The CLEAN SOLUTION system. However, we normally recommend a stone & pipe field as the most cost effective.

How do you size chambers or tubes?
The tubes are sized based on the field print conversion using the total footprint of the field and then judging how many tubes or chambers would be used for that space.

How do you vent the field of The CLEAN SOLUTION?
The CLEAN SOLUTION utilizes the building's roof vent, therefore a field vent is unnecessary. When using the system on an application without a roof vent a vent must be installed at or near the tank. (i.e. a trailer park or campground must be vented at the tank)

Are there any additives in the system?
No, the only thing that The CLEAN SOLUTION system needs to run is air, which comes from the small mechanical air compressor.

Where does the air compressor go?
The air compressor can go anywhere above the snow line, but the most ideal place for it is in a garage or basement.

How much noise does the air compressor make?
The air compressor makes less noise than a refrigerator.

How much electricity does the air compressor require to run?
The air compressor requires approximately 80 watts and 1 amp, which can be thought of as the power required for a typical 100-Watt light bulb.

How often do I need to maintain the system?
The system maintenance is done at the same time the septic tank is pumped.

What does the system inspection consist of?
A WAI trained technician or vendor inspects the media, effluent quality, dissolved O2 levels, sludge level in the settling chamber and performs a compression test on the air transfer system and cleans or replaces the air filter for the compressor.

What if I need to order replacement parts?
WAI can be contacted for replacement parts. We will also handle any maintenance or repairs.

Is the system exempt from certain setback rules or to ground water tables?
The CLEAN SOLUTION system has received variances to state regulations. Variances are site dependent and vary by state.

Do I need an effluent pump?
An effluent pump is only needed if the dispersal field is higher than the outlet of the tank.

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